Become a Member of Montana ASCD

Thank you for your interest in Montana ASCD membership.  Cost for membership in our organization is minimal, but the benefit is significant. 

As a Montana ASCD Affiliate (MTASCD) member you become part of a much larger body of professional educators that crisscross many different facets of the education world.  Our members include teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, college professors and college students, as well as many individuals and consultants supporting schools from various educational organizations and groups.  Our membership, when tied to that of ASCD itself, truly provides our members multiple opportunities to collaborate and create networking possibilities across the world.  

Membership in MTASCD supports numerous professional learning opportunities within our organization from sponsored conferences and quarterly meetings.  Additionally, MTASCD supports professional learning in many settings sponsored by outside agencies or organizations.  With MTASCD support, learning opportunities have enabled the best and brightest of education leaders across the nation to share their message with Montana teachers and leaders, ultimately supporting teaching and learning within our schools. Our unique perspectives enable our organization to focus on pressing curricular needs and practices tied to student learning across our geographically diverse state.

Affiliates in ASCD and their members influence education policy and practice and provide a forum for the exchange of quality education practices.  Membership to this affiliate supports Montana educators by expanding their knowledge of education issues and trends, as well as supporting innovative approaches to classroom teaching and school leadership.

For NEW Members: Please complete the MTASCD Membership Application (link embedded) and send your payment of $30.00 to the SAM Office

For RENEWAL of Membership: Please complete the MTASCD Membership Application (link embedded) and send your payment of $30.00 to the SAM Office.   

Members may also elect to join MTASCD while renewing or initiating your ASCD Membership.

Your membership includes:
    • Advocacy Support
    • Collaboration with OPI & Montana Education Organizations
    • Instructional Supports
    • MTASCD Membership Directory (coming)
    • MTASCD Updates
    • MTASCD List-serve Access
    • MTASCD e-Newsletter (when available)
    • Professional Learning Opportunities

Membership Fees:
  • One Year Membership   $30
  • Two Year Membership   $60

Montana ASCD
900 N. Montana Ave. Suite A-4
Helena, MT 59604

Additional Contact Information
(406) 442-2510
Gary Wagner, SAM Operations Manager and 
MTASCD Business Manager