VisionNet Connection

MTASCD coordinates its events and activities with SAM.  For many years we utilized their connection to VisionNet's video conferencing services allowing members to participate in our meetings and MTASCD events, long distance.  There may be a time in our future work when we want to also include their services to provide staff development and meeting connections for members, partnering schools and organizations.

To connect via a video conferencing system:

  1. If you are a VisionNet member you can connect via SAM's Virtual Meeting Room at 804422599.  
  2. The dial string for Tandberg systems is 804422599@ and the dial string for Polycom users is   The SIP endpoint is  
  3. You might do a test call in advance to make sure you are able to get in.  You should see  your room mirror back to you and it should say you are the first person to enter the  conference.   
  4. Technical issues?  Call VisionNet at 1-406‐467‐4712

To connect via a browser (IE is prefered):

    1.   From a computer, with a webcam and speaker/mic, browse to
    •  Select “Join As Guest”
    •  Enter your email. 
    •  Enter your name.
    •  Select your audio and video equipment and click join.
     2.    On your iPad/iphone (you must be in a wireless environment):
    •  Go to the App Store, put Polycom in the Search box
    •  Download the Polycom RealPresence App for the iPad and/or iPhone
    •  Close the App and go to your web browser:
    •  Browse to
    •  Login as guest - Enter your email address and name.
    •  It will take you to the Polycom app, click on it and you should join your VMR. 

    3. To enter the VisionNet conference call room use the following instructions.

    Dial:  1-406-467-4751 ... When asked enter code 804422599

This conference room is tied to the same video conferencing room that VisionNet provides for MTASCD.  The room should tell you how many people are already on the conference call.  If you are the first person, stay on the line and wait for others to join you.   If you have a webcam and a computer you can use the video conferencing directions on the menu.

Call VisionNet 1-406‐467‐4712 if you have technical issues and if (for whatever reason) this meeting room does not seem to work, go to back to meeting agenda as technology difficulties may require the use of updated meeting room number.

For more information on VisionNet Services feel free to use this link.