Agenda - May 1, 2014

MTASCD Board Meetings are open to all members.  If you are unable to attend in person you can join the meeting using our conference call option (1‐305‐848‐8888 • Press 1 • Enter Code:  6339924745# ), or you can utilize the VisionNet's Connection (for instructions to both use links in our Connecting to Meetings menu item to the left).

Montana ASCD Board Meeting

Thursday, May 1, 2014

5:00 p.m. -6:30 p.m. – via Conference Call and VisionNet


Board Meeting Agenda

1.      Call to Order - Scott Dubbs

2.      Adopt Agenda – request additions

3.      Approve the Minutes from the January 14, 2014 Board Meeting

4.      Approve Budget Reports from Cassie Huntley

5.      Reports

a.      President’s Activities – Scott Dubbs

b.      Executive Director’s Report – Jerry Scott

c.       Student MTASCD Chapter Report - Lynn Kelting-Gibson

d.      ASCD Annual Convention Report

6.      Summer Annual Meeting Update, Networking and Discussion

a.      SAM Summer Institute & Instructional

b.      Recreational Activity

7.      Membership

8.      Future 2014-15 – Reorganization & Planning

a.      Upcoming Meeting Thoughts & Needs

b.      A-Z Curriculum Meetings?

c.       Strategic Planning

d.      Board Events

e.      Regional Structure

f.        Professional Learning - Connection to RESA & MPPLN

g.      Summer Annual Conference & Meeting – Recreation

h.      Contracted Services - Cassie Huntley Contract

9.      Other MTASCD Business

a.      ASCD Affiliation

b.      Branding Guidelines

c.       Affiliate Medallion Letter Agreement

d.      MTASCD Brochure Update

e.      MTASCD Constitutional Issues

10.  New Business

11.  Next Meeting – July 28, 2014 in Helena

12.  Adjourn


Attachments & Board Info for Meeting (usually available the week of the meeting)

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Meeting Attachments

        MTASCD US Bank Statement Dec. - April 2014

        MTASCD Check Register

        Cassie Huntley Letter

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Montana ASCD - Working together to promote success for all Montana students


  1. Expand the sphere of our influence by being a strong and proactive organization  dedicated to providing exemplary leadership and support for educators throughout  the state.  
  2. Make member services a priority in order to assure that across this geographically  expansive and isolated state, we have a membership that represents all counties and  includes a diverse array of cultures.  
  3. Address pressing contemporary curricular issues for the purpose of bringing an  awareness of critical concerns to our educational leaders, who will participate in  determining responses appropriate to our diverse rural Montana school environment.