Montana ASCD Core Purpose

Montana ASCD builds collaborative partnerships bridging Montana Education communities to facilitate supportive professional learning networks and disseminate instructional best practices that benefit the whole child. (June 2017)

Montana ASCD Goals
  • To assist all state educational agencies with curriculum and supervision development.
  • To stimulate the participation of professional educators in curriculum work.
  • To encourage local, regional and state research in curriculum and problems.
  • To disseminate curricular materials, and to acquaint professional educational workers with these materials, membership and program of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
  • To influence legislation that impacts curricular areas.  
Montana ASCD Position Statement
Curriculum is a complex and diverse component of education. Curriculum moves beyond the standards, is relevant and authentic, providing identity within the school community.  Two primary forms of curriculum are Intended and Operational. Intended curriculum is the formal plan to incorporate the core understandings and skills that students are expected to learn while considering adopted standards, assessment tools, instructional plans and resources. Operational curriculum refers to what is taught and learned and is based on student social, emotional and academic needs drawn from a body of evidence that includes a variety of assessment information.  High quality curriculum maintains a focus on the whole child, whole school, and whole community.  (June 2019)

Just a Postcard?

Nope, it is way more than a postcard.  It is your passport to find great learning opportunities, 
and to connect with leaders across Montana that are making a difference in education. 
This card leads to networking opportunities and supports leadership and support for 
teachers.  And, it helps insure our students have the best opportunity to learn.
We send this postcard out to hundreds of Montana educational leaders each fall.  


Contact Information:
Montana ASCD
900 N. Montana Ave. Suite A-4
Helena, Montana  59604
(406) 442-2510

The past two years Montana ASCD has undertaken the development of a new Strategic Plan for our organization.   Dr. Kirk Miller is leading our Board of Directors in a process to develop our core ideology and create an envisioned future, goal statements and strategic objectives. 

MTASCD members are encouraged to visit with our Board of Directors 
concerning this process and how it will define our organization in the next five to ten years.

Montana ASCD Constitution and Bylaws

Approved December 31, 2016

We believe society’s need for broad, informed civic participation demands a high-quality, self-renewing system of education for all. In order to sustain a productive and diverse state-wide community of educators to meet that need, the Montana Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (MTASCD) has organized and adopted this ....
For a complete copy of the MTASCD Constitution and Bylaws go to this link.

MTASCD - Working together to promote success for all Montana students.